Wolfpack Gear provides the best product on the market and the primary point of difference is in our technology. Wolfpack Gear has an aggressive R&D process that continuously improves the current products and develops new innovative product solutions.

Wolfpack Gear actively researches the best military technology and incorporates components into their designs. We also incorporate the best fabric and the most intuitive designs into every product.


Understanding that all components of a pack need to have the best stress and abrasion resistant qualities, Wolfpack Gear has incorporated superior quality fabrics and components into all suspension systems and bags. Traditionally used in bullet proof products, ballistic nylon's high tenacity will withstand the harshest environments while exhibiting exceptional resistance to mold, mildew, and UV degradation.

Design – Products that work with you!

Wolfpack Gear utilizes the MOLLE attachment system in all their packs. Adopted from military technology, MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. This unique webbing construction securely fastens all Wolfpack Gear and FSS gear pouches, bags, and belt accessories by stitching overlapping rows of heavy-duty nylon directly to the pack. Used by the US Army and Marines in combat, the MOLLE attachment system has proven its ability to stand up to the toughest environmental challenges.