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Bargain Bin
I will update this when items come and go.  Gear is either a slight blemish (missed stitch, small burn hole, etc. that won't affect the comfort or functionality), was returned as a demo and is slightly used, or is from an older production run and isn't the current configuration (but still new).  Items are sold as-is and do not come with a warranty.  Contact me with questions.  Jake- 888.246.1241


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Hey all! Just wanted to add, this is gear that may have been a demo return, or a very minor missed stitch...this gear is ready and able to perform, and not let you down! Only available by giving Jake a call or emailing,
Updated 12/8/16, added a Vertical Fire Shelter Case
USAR Tool Pouch added, missing a buckle but still fully functional
Bargain Bin updated.  Made quite a few changes so have a look and let me know if you have any questions!

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