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Hey guys, my name is Mel Terkla and I am a designer for Wolfpack Gear. I worked as a designer for Kifaru International for almost 13 years designing the tactical line there. I will now be designing the new Tactical/Adventure line for Wolfpack Gear. I want to welcome you to the Wolfpack Gear Community and our discussion forum. We kept the sub forums to a minimum with only the more pertinent topics mostly related to using Wolfpack gear! For those of you that know me from all my years on another gear forum, you know how I try to answer all questions and post up lots of photos and tips on using the gear. I promise to keep that tradition going and do whatever I can to help you out and keep things interesting! Don't be bashful about posting up questions, comments, and your input on the gear. You can reach me here by posting on the forum, by PM on the forum, by e-mail ( ), or by phone ( 831-566-2337 ), and yes just like the old days, I am available 24/7 ! I will be one of the moderators on all the sub forums, but Tactical and EDC/Adventure will be the two sub forums that I will contribute to the most as that is my specialty! Now let's have some fun Cool !
Great to see you back in business Mel.
Thanks Mel
Hello there! I am Daisy from UK and newbie here.
(08-15-2017, 09:48 PM)Daisy221 Wrote: Hello there! I am Daisy from UK and newbie here.


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